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The Law and Public Policy Program ("LPP"), established in 1984, is an academic certificate program for students interested in careers in the public policy arena working in government, public interest law, politics, advocacy, or in law firms. The program offers specialized courses, opportunities for interdisciplinary study, academic counseling, and co-curricular activities designed to expose students to the policy making process and offer training in the skills important to lawyers who participate in the development of law and public policy in legislative, administrative, and judicial forums.
Students accepted into the LPP program and who successfully complete the requirements earn a Certificate in Law and Public Policy upon graduation from law school.
The Certificate in Law and Public Policy reflects that the recipient graduated from law school familiar with policy research and with actual experience in the implementation of policy through legislative, regulating, and advocacy practices. The Certificate offers potential employers assurance that the holder is ready to practice as a valuable team member who already has many of the skills essential for lawyers working in the policy arena.